Surgery During Pandemic

Surgery During Pandemic

In the month of March we saw droves of Brazilian Buttlift surgeries get cancelled when Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Worldwide lockdowns prohibited people from carrying out their scheduled lives. Baby showers, graduations, birthday parties, and more were all put on hold while we grappled with our new reality.

As the months go by and restrictions ease, many are putting the pieces of their lives back together. Nails, hair, and lashes are all making a comeback. There are still limitations to what we can do and precautions we must take, but generally there is a green light for cosmetic services to resume. Surgery is no different. 

We’re at the beginning of a pandemic but that doesn’t necessarily mean our lives have to be put on hold if we can avoid it. Some people refuse to let the novel coronavirus take more from them than it already has. Couples have gone on with weddings, making adjustments where necessary. People are vacationing. Others are dining out again. There’s a desire to live to the fullest despite unplanned obstacles. Shouldn’t the same apply for elective surgery?

Despite the risks many dolls are moving forward with surgery plans. YouTuber LondonX0 went through with a scheduled surgery in Mexico recently and documented it for her subscribers. “I’m a daredevil,” she said in response to one comment that brought up the coronavirus liability. Another doll, ShuntiaTV on YouTube, completed a procedure in Florida and said beforehand, “I’ve been taking all my vitamins for two months now so I’m not scared at all.”

Surgery is inherently risky. Cutting open your body and subjecting your insides to the exposure of the world is always going to chance unfavorable results, even if the threat is small. Because hospitals are diligent about cleanliness in general, there’s reason to believe you’ll be in especially good hands there during an international health outbreak. There’s heightened attention to sterilization practices and more self-awareness among patients, visitors, and practitioners. 

In the first weeks of Covid-19 there was a circulating meme that said, “If I knew we were going on lockdown I would’ve gotten my body done!” Well, although stay-at-home restrictions are being lifted, the world is still moving at a noticeably slower pace. Now continues to be a great window of opportunity to quietly have surgery and recover under the radar without feeling like you’re missing activities because, let’s be’s a bust for summer 2020.

If you do decide surgery during the pandemic is right for you, be sure to thoroughly do your homework. Check your surgeon’s credentials, confirm your arrangements, and ask your clinic what it’s doing to mitigate the spread of germs in the wake of Covid-19. Make sure you’re prioritizing your physical and mental health before and after your procedure. Remember not to shame anyone whose choices are different from yours. Best of luck, dolls! 

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